Who we are and what we do?

Future Fit Sports originated with passionate, committed athletes who have delighted in achieving their own goals in running, triathlon and other sporting events. Throughout the process we have learnt how to better manage our own lifestyles and multiple others who needed guidance and support to achieve their best.

Future Fit Coaches believe that:

  • Anyone can be an Athlete
  • No one knows what they’re capable of until they push their limits, their comfort zones and their abilities
  • Each person that is coached by us is regarded as an individual. And we’re not just saying that!
  • We need listen to YOU. We want to hear your aspirations, your lifestyle and any concerns you may have and design a programme that best suits YOU.
  • All of us need to dream BIG!

Our team is driven by passion and your success. Every single day, we’ll support your fitness ambitions and help you to succeed.

Our coaching philosophy is to build a programme around what you want to achieve, what you need and when you need it by. We support our athletes not just in getting fit but also by having fun and achieving goals along the way. Using the TrainingPeaks application, our coaches have access to all your fitness, health and workout data that enable them to analyse and tailor every block of training . Daily workouts loaded on TrainingPeaks are easy to follow and athletes are able to understand how each session builds towards their goals for the season. Some devices are compatible with the TrainingPeaks app and workouts are able to be fed directly through to the device, ready for the session and when you need it by.

Whether you are training for your first endurance event, need a simple plan on how to start your fitness journey or want to know how to become an “athlete”, we at Future Fit Sports will guide and coach you to success.

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