What does your Future Fit in Multisport Look like?

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Have you thought of taking your multisport aspirations to greater lenghts, improving yourself and wanting to achieve greater success in a sport that has so much to offer on an endurance level?


Your Future Fit in Multisport will thank you!

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What Will you get signing up with Future Fit Sports:

  • Fully personalized Training Program via Training Peaks with workout commenting for athletes on Premium accounts.
  • In depth training analysis through Training Peaks and the performance management analysis.
  • Full Season training map / plan of planned races and advice when it comes to selecting races.
  • Daily programme adjustments on request by the athlete.
  • On-going feedback and Individual guidance as and when need be.
  • Close athlete monitoring with HRV (Heart rate variability and fatigue levels).
  • Designated individualized Coaching / Mentorship relationship.
  • To be part of the Future Fit Sports community.
  • A supporting partner system and great pricing on all things Triathlon related.
  • All testing, nutritional, training & race day advice + race strategizing included.